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Tri-City real estate market shows no signs of cooling

A combination of high house prices and a drop in listings hasn't quelled the dream of homeownership and the Tri-Cities is seeing an unusually busy winter real estate market.


Tri-City real estate market shows no signs of cooling


"It's a supply and demand issue. It's not being driven on the local level in the Tri-Cities by foreign investments or that kind of thing. It's primarily local buyers and sellers and a lot of people that already live in the Tri-Cities," said Darcy McLeod, president of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.


At the heart of the trend is the low number of listings, which has buyers in competition with one another for limited housing stock. McLeod said people will only move if they are assured of a new property, and for the most part are staying put unless their family circumstances necessitate a change.


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